Network Marketing Jobs Must Be Treated As Real Jobs – Imagine That

Network Marketing Jobs seem to be rarely treated as real jobs. If you plan to succeed in network marketing without putting as much or more time and effort as you would put into a “real job” then you might as well quit now.

Lack of discipline is one of my biggest frustrations about network marketers and a big reason for the enormous failure rate in mlm.

For some reason there is a mentality that if we sign up for the latest, greatest mlm opportunity we will automatically become rich. Let me fill you in on a little secret: this is a JOB. You actually have to work to make money!

What would happen at your current salaried job if you quit showing up? What if you decide you would rather only work a couple hours every other week, whenever you felt like getting around to it? Would you keep your job? Would you make enough money to survive? Of course not.

If you were a supervisor in charge of leading a team of people, how would they respond to your lackadaisical attitude? Would they perform well or would they eventually check out too? In MLM, you team will follow your example.

Network marketing jobs are a great way to earn a living once you convince yourself this is a legitimate business.

To succeed you need to determine how many hours you are going to work and then work those hours each and every week, just like a real job. If you choose to not do that, then, like any other job, you are choosing to not be employed for long.

Though it is important to work hard, it is just as important to work smart.

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