5 Tips to Financial Freedom

Would you like to leave the rat-race and replace your 9-5 with network marketing jobs?

Here are 5 tips to financial freedom:

1) Identify what your living expenses are – This may seem like a very obvious point, but you will be amazed with the amount of people that do not know how much they spend each month on their basic living expenses.

The key task here is to create a spreadsheet to look at how much your total monthly outgoings are. Then endeavor to reduce it if possible. You now have a working figure that will feed into your goal, for example $1000 per month profit.

2) Create a Goal – The living expenses figure that you identified in step 1 will now be used to create a goal. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a goal. The goal needs to be very clear and measurable. To achieve financial freedom you need your MLM home business opportunity profit to cover your living expenses. So using our example you need to achieve $1,000 per month profit.

The next step is to establish when you want to achieve this goal, for example 1 year. We now have our goal for financial freedom:

Generate $1,000 per month profit with your Network Marketing Jobs in 1 year.

3) Create a plan – Now that you have your goal defined you will need to create a detailed plan to achieve the goal. The plan should be broken down into Monthly (in some cases yearly) targets to be on track for your goal identified in step 2. You will then require a daily action plan to achieve your monthly targets.

An example: to generate $1,000 per month profit in 1 year you will need 24 active members in your business. To be on track to generate that volume you need 2 sign ups a month. If you average 1 sign up for every 15 leads, then you need 1 lead a day to be on track.

I have deliberately chosen modest figures here. I am sure you can generate a lot more than this.

4) Sales funnel – The easiest way to generate enough leads to achieve your short-term targets and long-term goal is to use a clever online sales funnel. The sales funnel will offer some value on the landing page and collect your prospects contact details to build a list.

It will then communicate with your list and market your MLM home business opportunity on auto-pilot. Using a system like this correctly shall help you to get you to financial freedom by generating the volume of leads you need to succeed.

5) Multiple Income streams – The easiest way to sky rocket your income is to have multiple income streams. If you can generate for example $1,000 a month, then why not bolt on another income stream and make $2,000 month?

The key to achieving this is selecting relevant tools or services that can be re-sold to your current list for your MLM home business opportunity. An easy way to do this in network marketing is to sign up for affiliate products that will help your down line or list members and recommend them. The beauty of this is if you follow step 4, and set up your sales funnel you can bolt on an unlimited source of income streams. If you follow these 5 simple steps, and stick to your plan you should be well on your way to replace your 9-5 with network marketing jobs and achieving financial freedom. To your success!